Residential Surveys

If you are looking to purchase a residential property it may be the biggest investment of your life.

A survey report can provide peace of mind that your ‘dream home’ will not turn out to be a nightmare. RMA offer a range of survey and valuation services across North Yorkshire, York, East Yorkshire and Hull areas to ensure that the property being purchased is both sound and not over-priced.

The three main reports are as follows:


This is a valuation of the property based upon a limited inspection only and generally this type of inspection is usually undertaken for the benefit of a mortgage lender who refers to it as a ‘Mortgage Valuation’ and it is not actually a ‘survey’ as such. It is of little use in identifying problems of any significance that may exist.

RMA are also able to provide valuations for assisted and shared ownership schemes, where a formal valuation is required when selling the property.

RICS Homebuyer Report

This provides a more detailed inspection of the property and the aim of the report is to assist the purchaser in assessing whether the property provides reasonable value for money. It is not a comprehensive survey for which a building survey would be more appropriate. The Homebuyer Report can be requested to include a market valuation and an insurance reinstatement cost for buildings insurance if required.

RICS Terms and Descriptions

Building Survey

This type of survey examines the property in greater detail and will identify structural matters in particular, that might not be picked up in a Homebuyer report. If you are purchasing an older or substantially altered property, then a Building Survey is strongly recommended. If required we can provide a Valuation as an additional extra to the survey.

Building Survey standard terms 

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