Commercial Disrepair & Dilapidation Inspections

RMA provide advice with regard to commercial properties where arguments regarding disrepair and dilapidations have arisen.

We are able to provide advice to both landlords and tenants with regard to liabilities for repair under the terms of leases.

It can be useful for both landlords and tenants to agree the condition of a property before the lease is signed, which can reduce the potential for conflict in the future, particularly at the end of the lease. In this regard we provide the following:

  1. A photographic record of condition which visually records the condition of the property in conjunction with short descriptive text, or:
  1. A written schedule of condition which is similar to the detail provided within a building survey report and which provides detail as to the condition of the various building elements.

During the period of the lease the landlord is usually able to serve an ‘interim schedule of dilapidations’ or ‘wants of repair’ requiring the tenant to carry out repair works to the landlord’s satisfaction. Additionally, at the end of a lease the landlord is able to serve a ‘terminal schedule of dilapidations’ requiring that the tenant not only puts right any disrepair that has accrued but also he can request that the property be reinstated to its original condition at the start of the tenancy i.e. by removing alterations such as shop fittings, shelving and the like.

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